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\^/I-I3r3 T3I-I 1337 /\/\33t
Founded in the coolest network portal for mmo games, so he http://mmorpg.com.ua/ B differs from other similar pile - a large number of videos, a huge catalog of games and database software for online toys. Just do not count them as spam) if you have something interesting - pishim in a personal or on my blog
Перевод - Нашол в сети клевый портал об ммо играх вот он http://mmorpg.com.ua/ в отличае от кучи других подобных - большое количество видеороликов, огромный каталог игр и база программ для онлайн игрушек. Вобщем не сочтите за спам ) если есть у вас что то интересное - пишиме в личку или в моем блоге
There are many secrets hidden in the depths of the desert. Forgotten tombs of forgotten rulers from a forgotten time, when the world was a very different place...or at least they were forgotten. The spread of human civilisation, however, means that many of the hidden corners of the world are being uncovered, often by treasure-hunters with little regard for preserving the sanctity of these ancient places.
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One of the core aims of Upgrade Year is that we take a close look at existing content and make it better – this week this concerns Summoning and hairstyles: better usability, more pets and the return of the fringe.
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When you've settled all the conflicts you can find, and brought together warring nations across the northern seas, it's time to kick back and have a party, right?

If only it were that simple. Peace between sovereign states is one thing, but Manni the Reveller still can't bring everyone together for Chieftain Brundt's birthday feast.

See old friends in new ways as you delve into the mysteries of the past, and help them resolve the problems of the present. To save the chieftain’s birthday celebrations you’ll have to uncover the secrets they can’t remember, and confront a monster they want to forget.

Click pic for more info

In Other News...

The logic governing the behavior of items kept on death has been fixed for certain circumstances involving stacks of items, such as coins. If in doubt about what is at risk, double check your Items Kept on Death interface.

There is a new button on the bank interface to allow you to set your PIN more easily, if you don't already have one.

It should now take you less time to switch your prayers on and off, due to code shuffling.

If the cabbages are annoying you, just turn Accept Aid off.
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Today we're releasing the first of a new line of Development Diaries. We'll be using these diaries to inform you of future content, give you an insight into the development process here at Jagex, and let you get to know the RuneScape developers a bit better.

These new Development Diaries will be different from the ones we used to do. They'll be more informal and personal, written by the developers themselves and keeping you informed about development milestones as they happen. The diaries will often track projects for the whole of their development, from the initial idea right up to release day. This process takes many months, so be aware that the projects today's diary is about won't be ready any time soon.

We'll be releasing these diaries regularly, and we'll be using them to track a number of different projects - so the next diary will be about a different project, but we'll get back to the subject of this diary in a few weeks. We won't be doing diaries on every project, though, so some releases will still take you by surprise!

The first Development Diary is entitled “Reviving an old quest series”. To find out which quest series we mean, check it out here.

Mod John A
RuneScape Content Developer
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When it comes to great weapons and armour there is plenty of choice in RuneScape. In fact there are so many different items it’s sometimes hard to keep track of them all. This is why we are introducing the pre-purchase advice tool. Before you buy anything – from a shop, at the Grand Exchange, or from another player – you can now check out what the bonuses of the item are, and, in the case of worn items, whether there are any restrictions that might prevent you from wearing them. You can use this tool to find out what skills you need to train, and what quests you need to complete, to use a particular item.
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Ahoy there Swabbies!

I be the great and awesome Mod Captain Kat... Yarrhh!

I be in search o' loyal sea dawgs t' join me on me quest fer dubloon an' fame. All them willing t' join me merry band will be handsomely rewarded... Yarrhhhh! My pirate galley (fishing trawler :P) will be sailing from Port Khazard during the next tide (25th March 00:00GMT).

Arrr, if you have ne'er worked on a pirate galley before or you want to know more, me happen t' know whar you can find some useful information and tips. Seek the Game Guide - Mini Games - The Fishing Trawler. Aye, remember you lily li'ard sea dawgs, you must have at least 15 fishin' skill t' be able t' take part in fetchin' me supper.

Pirates don't have a strict dress code but you won't stand out so much if you can manage t' find one or two o' these items t' wear. We want t' horde our dubloons so don't go too o'erboard, argh!

* Eye patch
* Hat and eye patch set
* Pirate bandana
* Pirate boots
* Pirate leggings
* Pirate hat
* Pirate hook
* Stripy shirt
* Grog
* A dagger or two
* Swords
* Schimitar
* Brine Sabre

Remember t' brin' some gold with you as we need t' gather supplies for the long voyage ahead, all supplies can be brought at t' general store in Port Khazard.

Mod Kathy

NB - No Ninjas! Mod Ajd
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A quick reminder that registration for The Jagex Cup ends this weekend (specifically at 10pm GMT on the 23rd of March).

So, "what is the Jagex Cup?" I hear you cry. For the best explanation you should go here, though the quick version is that its 3 competitions (Combat, Skilling, and Combined) where teams of up to 20 players battle it out to see who's the best at RuneScape! There are even rewards up for grabs for those who win, beyond the bragging rights.

So get your team together, let Mod Timbo know that your taking part via the forum and then away you go!

Mod Ajd
Discussion link here

**UPDATE** Deadline is now Midnight GMT Wednesday 25th March
No, really. This honestly is Jagex, here to tell you all about the new Official Jagex LiveJournal Community thejagexlj.

The community has been set up to give you news and information on all things RuneScape and FunOrb, such as updates and events, posting whenever we find anything good, as well as giving people a meeting place to find other LJer RuneScape and FunOrb players and communities. We already have posts up about The Route Finder, The Chosen Commander, and The Limited Edition Zip Hoodie.

Due to the kindness of this communities moderators ("thank you!" genjutsu_01) we will be posting up here when ever we put anything up there, along with a link so that you can join in the discussions. And if there are any thoughts you have on what we should be doing with this community then please let us know and we'll see what can happen.

Well that's enough intro from us, we hope to hear from you soon :)

Mod Ajd
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  whats a good, active text (preferably chat based) RPG out there? I've been on Macabre Point, but its not very active lately. I used to play in the AOL rp chats, but I don't have AOL anymore so I don't think I can access them.
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I just started playing again (used to play it when it first came out) and am wondering what in your opinion is the best combo? I'm in Besaid right now.

My usual combo
Yuna: White mage / black mage
Rikku: warrior
Paine: warrior

What do you guys like, what's your strategy, and why?

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 Hey I found this community when I searched for Battlefield 2142 and I thought what the hey lets check it out. I'm new to livejournal so I'm still learning how to do everything.

I hope that I can play with some of you in Battlefield 2142, or any of the numerous games I play on my computer. 

I also own a 360 and a wii, but I don't play either of them online.  I mostly play games on my PC.  The games I'm usually on are, half life 2 deathmatch, battlefield 2, battlefield 2142, and call of duty 4.
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Hey guys.

I found this group via interest search on LJ and found it to be more friendly and cozy than the girl_gamer community which has a million rules since it expanded it's ranks.

So yeah. I'm a 21 year old, female gamer who enjoys first person shooters, RPGs, and horror genre games (or more specifically, Resident Evil.) I own a Wii, XBox 360, and a PS2. I work in a video game store and love it except for some of the customers who are determined to make my life hell. My current addictions are as follows:

RE: 4
RE: Umbrella Chronicles

Xbox 360:
Mass Effect
Beautiful Katamari

Nothing because nothing good has come out for it lately unless you're into the DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi (which I'm not)

Civ IV

I actually bought my 360 for BioShock. I played through the whole game in 3 days (read: ADDICT) and loved every moment of it. Unfortunatly my gamer score didn't transfer when I joined Live and I'm in the process of playing through it all over again. I was very pleased to hear it won game of the year at the VGAs.

I play a few multiplayer games (Halo 3, Gears of War, Team Fortress 2) but I never have any time to do more than one or two matches every so often. I just finished my fall semester of college (only one more to go and I graduate!) so I'm hoping to play more. My Live tag is mishabelle. Feel free to friend me but make sure you send a message so I know who I'm adding.
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Hey all!

First time LJ user so go easy on me, please! Basically did a search for Xbox 360 and found the title of this community -way- to tempting to pass up, even though I can't claim to be l33t, l337 or any other gamer badges of honor! What I can say is that I've been gaming for waaaay too long but defo still loving it hehe. 

Recently games that've grabbed my attention have been Halo 3 and BioShock. BioShock I absolutely loved and was almost upset when I beat it! So much so that I played it all the way to the end straight after! Halo 3.. although a really good game, I guess I just expected too much from it. Have yet to try it out on Live, where it apparently excels. Maybe, one day.. one day... 

Apart from that, the next few games I -really- want to get are Super Mario Galaxy, Mass Effect and Phantom Hourglass. But I'm too damn poor! And of course.. GTA IV when that eventually comes out.
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Hello all, I'm new. YAY XD. The name is Kimiko. I play the following:

Assassins creed
all Halo
all Zelda
Battlefront 1 and 2
Forza 2
KOTOR 1 and 2
Beyond Good and Evil
Call of Duty

and etc..

Anyway, salute to all. cheers.
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Newish to LJ...

my main games are CS:S and DoD:S.

I'm in a clan called <=G3=>; Global gaming group.

And i usually go by Don Quixote.

cyall aorund.

Current Location: computer desk...as always
Current Music: In The Dark - Dj Tiesto

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         Wellz...I'm new here so yuh...



I guess I am a female gamer..yupperz.

That's about all I got.


Current Location: my mommy's room
Current Mood: confused confused
Current Music: nuffin betchez

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If you're not familiar with the tactic of spamming grenades down a Titan corridor, then you haven't been playing BF2142 long enough.

Of course, having it done with one person is only minimally effective. So here's another, much more effective way I've seen it done:
  • Squad with 3-4 Support, 1 Assault, 1 Recon.
  • Support people place down ammo hubs, sentry guns, and deflector shields.
    • Ammo hubs allow virtually unlimited resupply.
    • Sentry guns cut down anyone who makes it through the grenades.
    • Deflector shields slow down people who make it through the sentry guns. (!)
  • Support people grenade-spam the hell out of the corridor entrance.
  • Assault places down medical hub in case anyone gets wounded and keeps defibrillator ready.
  • Assault optionally uses assault rifle as close-in defense for squad, but should be throwing grenades most of the time.
  • Recon places down mines and RDX for anyone who would otherwise make it through everything else.
  • If you have an engineer (why, though!?), he can use his SMG as a close-in defense for the squad.
  • An SD-8 Accipiter, if properly used, will let your squad spray even more lead at the unfortunate enemies.
The result: everyone gets massive Titan defense points. Combine with a skilled ground squad (or two), and you've won the game.
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Just looking for some new friends, i'm very new to this blogging site and the more friends, the uhh. merrier! Soo, just come stop by my profile :)
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howdy and junk.
so i play games, mostly BF2 and bf2142.
i used to be in =TAW= clan but i stopped because the people i joined with had all left and the replacers were kinda retarded and didnt realy fit the high standards of conduct that =TAW= prided itself on. bygones.
i started gaming with bf1942 and the desert combat mod for bf1942 on a gateway P4 with a fx5500128 video card.
then i started playing bf2, or at least i wanted to but my poor machine would not do it at all (or would but it was at like 5 fps)
so i put a radeon x1300 video card in it. wow.
my 1.3gig p4 with 384mb of pc800rdram was playing bf2.
tax return march 2006.
build myself an AMD athlon3200+ and put a geforce7300gs in it and overclock the holy heck out of it

so i put a 7900gs in it and i of course had to overclock that as well.
i hit 550/1400 for a little while. then i unlocked the 4 locked pixel pipes and the 1 locked shader unit with rivatuner.
reivatuner warns you when you do this that it can kill your hardware or cause instability.
so... now as of last week i have a x2 6000+ and 2gigs of wintec ampx ddr2 800 on an asus m2n-e win a 7950gt
and now i have NO issues at all

Current Location: deep undercover with the CIA and the IRA
Current Mood: contemplative contemplative
Current Music: Primus-glass sandwich

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