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Development Diary - 1337_g4m0rz
\^/I-I3r3 T3I-I 1337 /\/\33t
Development Diary
Today we're releasing the first of a new line of Development Diaries. We'll be using these diaries to inform you of future content, give you an insight into the development process here at Jagex, and let you get to know the RuneScape developers a bit better.

These new Development Diaries will be different from the ones we used to do. They'll be more informal and personal, written by the developers themselves and keeping you informed about development milestones as they happen. The diaries will often track projects for the whole of their development, from the initial idea right up to release day. This process takes many months, so be aware that the projects today's diary is about won't be ready any time soon.

We'll be releasing these diaries regularly, and we'll be using them to track a number of different projects - so the next diary will be about a different project, but we'll get back to the subject of this diary in a few weeks. We won't be doing diaries on every project, though, so some releases will still take you by surprise!

The first Development Diary is entitled “Reviving an old quest series”. To find out which quest series we mean, check it out here.

Mod John A
RuneScape Content Developer
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